Late Summer Honors is an intense learning experience designed to introduce participants to the BYU Honors Program. We hope this course is the beginning of your association with the Honors Program and that the program will influence, assist, and support your academic and personal needs and lead to your graduation with university honors.

  • A one-credit short course (Honors 101) in a variety of academic fields
  • A chance to experience fascinating class subjects
  • A class size of 10 to 12 students
  • A privilege to learn in a fun, motivated group from some of the university’s finest professors
  • A week to enjoy social activities hosted by the Honors Program
  • An introduction to the campus and the variety of services and opportunities available
  • An occasion to make new friends in an enriched academic setting
  • An opportunity to get acquainted with all that BYU has to offer before other students return
  • These are only some of the many benefits Late Summer Honors has to offer!